The jack pot has been struck by Simon. While searching mud on the seashore, he discovers gemstones and gold amounting to 10-million Bucks. This finding directed to information spreading like wildfire from all over attempting to declare the loot. When you perform Raft Wars Simon along with his buddy must shield their locate and fight it out against lots of opponents. This is really a totally free online game supplied among the the best designers of numerous interesting games on the net, by Mini Clip. All versions of the game can be played at

Raft Wars Game, as the name implies, may have you fight opponents making use of your number in turn-based pictures. Why is this sport fascinating is the delight variable. You will unable to view them, when you create pictures against your foes. That which you may simply do is rely on your own instincts in regards to position and the strength of your photographs. Your foes come in one single shape but are hardly same figures. You are going to fight with Vikings, buccaneers, your neighbors and perhaps even mad people who are on rafts!Don’t despair, however. You may not be unable to update your number to help you to take more strikes. Moreover, you may also buy grenades and rockets with stages you are going to obtain upon finishing a-level! Have a great time with warfare!

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